Hopeup Integrated Industries Limited

A wall-to-wall redesign to provide simplicity

The Company

Hopeup Integrated Industries Limited is a 100% Nigerian owned Industrial Gas Production, Barite Mining & Processing and Construction Engineering Company. Hopeup was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on the 16th of September, 1991 and has over the years consolidated on her experience to deliver first-rate services.

Something different

The company's previous website was filled with inconsistencies and a lack of appropriate information flow, which did not provide potential consumers with essential information about who the company is, what they actually do, and how they do it. These were the issues that the customer had, therefore they contacted us.

Modern design

With the challenge in mind, we began by learning what they want from their new website and what they intended to achieve. The goal was to completely comprehend the problem at hand, empathize with the business, and create a new interface that capitalized on current design.

Responsive and Efficient

We took our time to make the most of what we had learned about the client's objectives for their redesign and set out to develop an efficient design that reflects this ambition and really embodies what they had set out to achieve when they initially approached us.

Hopeup Industries

Central to our organizational philosophy is the understanding that our products and services are integral to the operational efficiency of our clientele and ultimately, the society. And it is pivotal that we communicate this message unambiguously. In reconceptualizing and redesigning our website, Looped Reality took extra care to ensure the output distinctly echoes our philosophy. They made certain that the intricacies of the Hopeup Industries brand were delicately woven into the creation of a web presence that perfectly typifies us. Working with Looped Reality was a delight and we can look forward to bigger engagements with them as we advance as an organization.

Mr. William Ogah

Head, Administration